We like new ideas. We love building your dreams.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Your own style deserves tailored attention

At Casita, we know that every client is unique and that many of you want to enjoy an exclusive and different design. That is why, with the help of our experts and consultants, you will have the possibility of designing your own dream home. We want to design your custom modular home from scratch, select the materials with you, study the plot to take maximum advantage of it and shape it to your functional needs and aesthetic tastes. We want to create your home tailored to your expectations. If you have been dreaming, researching, sketching, and planning for a while and want to turn those dreams into a reality, it’s time to get down to business.
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See Some of Our Custom Projects


Open and welcoming environments available to the most demanding client. Strengthening the idea of sustainability through small dimensions with the lowest possible carbon footprint without forgetting the pleasant and comfortable interior environment and innovative exterior finish.


A non-conformist, ambitious project that does not settle for the characteristics of the ST40. To go further, we doubled the space, introducing a wider concept without losing the elegant and welcoming essence of the previous model.


It combines functionality with the most avant-garde design. Its first floor allows to carry out the daily life in a diaphanous space and opened to the outside through a porch, formed by a powerful overhang and inviting you to enjoy the private swimming pool. The upper floor is organized into a large room with spectacular floodlighting.


If you have to meet clients, do it in such a way that their visit remains engraved in their memory. Our modular reception has all the features you need from a work space, reflecting the unique style of Casita in a setting that is ready to welcome your visitors and make them fall in love from the moment they set foot in it.


The complexity and beauty of a spa, embedded in the simplicity and elegance of our modular solutions. If you want to offer your clients an experience never seen before, trust the design of this space, thought to captivate and offer a superior standard of comfort and ambience.


A unique project like yours deserves a place that lives up to its name. Discover the new concept of restaurant, exploiting minimalism to make elegance shine. Combine the necessary features to cook your exquisite menu while your customers are enthralled by the attractiveness of our design.