Sauna & Relaxation Room

Laguna Plus

Sauna & Relaxation Room

30 m2 | 1 Sauna | 1 Relaxation Room

Rest your body and mind. Experience the relief you deserve.

The perfect setting to reconnect with yourself, or to enjoy a time with friends and family where only silence and the feeling of relaxation will comfort your mind and body.

Framed in our extended modular solution, the Laguna Plus includes the exclusive Laguna sauna, adding a space dedicated to you and your tranquility: the Relaxation Room. Thus, between the two, this modular venue becomes your little corner where you can retire to enjoy a few hours with yourself, accompanied by the satisfying vapor and enjoying all the luxuries of this double room.

Width2.43 m
Length12.20 m
Bedroom6 m²
Kitchen/Dining18 m²
Bathroom5 m²
Total Area29.65 m²

What is included?


Kitchen• refrigerator
• microwave
• steam oven
• coffee machine
• contactless faucets
• dishwasher
Bathroom• toilet
• shower, washbasin
• contactless faucets
• smart mirror
• towels, accessories.
• premium textures and accessories
Living Room• wardrobe
• motorized storage cabinets
• sofa bed
• table with chairs


• frameless system
• thickness: 9 inches
• 6 layers tempered glass
• integrated electric blinds
Doors• double frameless glass doors
• electronic fingerprint lock
• remote access control
• anti-burglar protection
Walls• polymer composite material
• thickness: 9 inches
• R-value: 54 (similar to a brick wall 350 inches)
House Framedurable berglass core
composite berglass durable coating outside
Warrantyestimated lifetime 60+ years
no facade painting or repairs are required during the lifetime

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