Simple, elegant and smart.

Astoria 60

60 m2 | 1 Kitchen/Dining | 2 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom

Double space. Double room. Double fun.

Are 30 sqm not enough for you? Don’t worry, our range of M modular homes provides you with twice the space, ensuring you double the comfort.

With 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, the 60 sqm of this house, smartly designed and fully furnished, allows you to enjoy a large central lounge of 30 sqm with an open kitchen that will make your home a unique and welcoming place to stay.

Width2.43 m
Length12.20 m
Bedroom 110 m²
Bedroom 29 m²
Living/Dining/Kitchen30 m²
Bathroom10 m²
Total Area59.30 m²

What is included?


Kitchen• refrigerator
• microwave
• steam oven
• coffee machine
• contactless faucets
• dishwasher
Bathroom• toilet
• shower, washbasin
• contactless faucets
• smart mirror
• towels, accessories.
• premium textures and accessories
Living Room• wardrobe
• motorized storage cabinets
• sofa bed
• table with chairs


• frameless system
• thickness: 9 inches
• 6 layers tempered glass
• integrated electric blinds
Doors• double frameless glass doors
• electronic fingerprint lock
• remote access control
• anti-burglar protection
Walls• polymer composite material
• thickness: 9 inches
• R-value: 54 (similar to a brick wall 350 inches)
House Framedurable berglass core
composite berglass durable coating outside
Warrantyestimated lifetime 60+ years
no facade painting or repairs are required during the lifetime

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