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If you want to build or remodel a home, you had to manage the project yourself, hire an architect, make hundreds of design decisions, spend countless hours in showrooms selecting finishes, fixtures and appliances, search for trustworthy local builders and contractors, go through a nontransparent bid process, brace yourself when the bids come in higher than expected, endure a year or more of construction, change orders, unexpected delays, and extra costs. You will not know how much your home is going to cost until you move in. We decided to find a better way.

The main advantage of Casita homes are that they can be delivered and installed on your lot at a fraction of the cost of building or remodeling a home. Upfront, transparent pricing means you’ll know exactly how much your home will cost from day one. Move up without moving away and get the new home you’ve always dreamed of but thought you couldn’t afford.


One of the most cited reasons people “go tiny” is their desire to create a more sustainable lifestyle. These micro-houses have been proven to be energy efficient for numerous reasons. Because they are so small, tiny houses require much less energy consumption overall: heating, cooling, and lighting a small space is always easier than keeping up with a sprawling layout. Tiny houses with solar panels have an even smaller carbon footprint!


People are choosing to downsize the space they live in, simplify, and live with less. People are embracing the tiny life philosophy and the freedom that accompanies the tiny house lifestyle. The tiny house movement is about more than simply living in a small space (although, a small house is certainly part of it).

If you consider the space you use in your own home on a day to day basis, you will find that it is no more than a tiny home. While you have lots of air, and places to store stuff, the average person or couple does not live in very much space. Here are the top 4 places you live in your home:


This is the room you spend the most time in (unless you work from home), and most of it is in your bed. You have some space for clothes storage, but beyond that, this is all that space is used for.


If you prepare meals and eat at home, this is the next most popular spot in a home. In many homes, this is also the central meeting and communication hub. It includes places for food, equipment and dish storage, appliances, counters for food preparation, and a place to eat.

Living room

While this area goes by many names including great room, family room, rec room, etc. It is the area where you spend the time doing what you do when you aren’t doing the rest.


A key place in every home, this room sometimes includes clothes washing facilities as well.

Beyond this you may have some specialized areas you frequent occasionally, but essentially the rest is hallways and space.

Tiny Homes eliminate the extra space, have no halls and have no space to hide the stuff you rarely or never will use. Everything identified above is included in each tiny home and more!


Maybe one of the most obvious benefits of a tiny house? Reduced upkeep! If your home is only 30 m2, there’s only so much clutter you can accumulate (without going insane). Dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping will take a fraction of the time. Repairs will also be on a reduced-scale, ensuring they stay smaller in cost as well…i.e. repairing a tiny roof is much less of a hassle than its larger counterpart!


A tiny house doesn’t have room for any kind of excess stuff; bulging wardrobes, elaborate electronics, and huge libraries of books and videos. Tiny homeowners pare their belongings down to the essentials, keeping only the items that truly enrich their lives.


This follows naturally from having to de-clutter to move in to a tiny home. You have less stuff, but everything actually goes somewhere. You’ll never let stuff pile up on the floor just because you don’t know where it goes or because that back closet is just too full.

What is it your mom always says? “A place for every item, and every item in its place.”

Again, if you love to clean, this won’t really mean anything to you. However, if you’re perpetually cluttered and untidy, this will be a great bonus to you because you can finally quit worrying about tidying before guests come over. Even if you let things get a little untidy, cleaning becomes much, much faster than before.


You won’t need much in the way of decorating for a tiny house, so it’s going to cost a lot less to decorate and customize, it’s also going to be a lot easier and cheaper to customize your tiny house.

Regardless of your personal preferences or space needs, the ability to customize and other advantages of tiny houses can’t be denied. Considering all of this, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning away from Traditional House, which has sadly led to oppressive consumer debt and deciding to live large in a whole new unique way of living in a tiny house.


We include everything. As in, really, everything: your couch, curtains, kitchen table. It is not simple furnished it is fully-furnished with luxury finishes and high-end amenities.

Just pack the clothes in your closet and head to your next home. It sounds like the perfect scenario, right?


Living in a smaller home inherently leads to huge savings. You’ll spend less to heat and cool your home, as well as on general maintenance. You can have a beautiful house to call your own at a fraction of the price of a standard.


Many love the idea of a tiny house, but don’t really want to restrict their total living space to 30 m2. Many families around the country are finding additional uses for these petite dwellings! They can serve as an add-on, mother-in-law suite, guest house, home office, studio, rental property, and so much more.


If you love to garden, nothing could be better than living in a tiny house because you’ll have more space for those delicious veggies and fragrant flowers. Maybe even a pond, or a meadow to have a picnic with the people you love.

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