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About Us

CASITA is a premier international brand, leading the way in the design and manufacture of luxury housing solutions. Superior levels of finishing and excellence in design define our prestige, hand in hand with the use of the highest-quality materials.

A modular house built with our materials and designed by our seasoned architectural team is a house characterized by its solidity, style, and cost-effectiveness. At CASITA, we engineer with art and reflect a stunning elegance through some of our very own precious marble pieces that you will have the pleasure of enjoying in your new home.

Each one of our designs responds to a specific style, but without a doubt, all of them are characterized by their elegance and their clean and diaphanous aesthetics. We rely on a great team of professionals made up of architects, technicians, interior designers, landscape designers, and engineers who will be delighted to give you their advice.

The technology and resources with which CASITA manufactures its luxury homes are well proven. Stable and flexible, they guarantee extraordinary durability of the buildings, as they have the ability to make them timeless. High-end materials, customization options, energy efficiency, and all the details you would expect from a luxury home are within your reach thanks to CASITA.

Our Story

All great dreamers have to leave valuable things behind in their life irretrievably to show the world the beauties they can bring.

This is how our ancestors understood it when they began this path that has led us to write these words that you are reading here today.

528 years ago, in 1492, the grandparents of our grandparents’ grandparents made a difficult decision: to leave Spain, where their roots were deeply entrenched, to seek a future, and to carve out their legacy in Turkey. When they arrived in Istanbul, it was the time when the adventure had just begun. They launched their businesses and worked on them for years, mastering the art of trading and passing on their knowledge and experience from generation to generation.

Counting with the refined know-how for more than four centuries, in 2007, this trajectory is consolidated in the great project of our lives: Marmi Meya, a company dedicated to the extraction and refinement of marble. During this decade and a half, we have positioned our business within the top 10 Natural Stone exporters in Turkey, vouched for by the satisfaction of customers who place their trust in us in more than 30 countries.

Today, we own and operate 3 of the most desired Natural Stone Quarries in Turkey, With more than 200 employees and operating actively and profitably in Turkey, Italy, India, and China. Throughout our history, we have evolved into a more effective, powerful brand with a broader reach and a more significant concern for sustainability in our operations. However, the direction of our steps is primarily shaped by the essence of our traditions, applying much of the philosophy that our ancestors developed for success and prosperity.

We are an international benchmark in the export of exquisite marble products, positioned as one of the world’s most premium distributors, and whose products are clearly defined by a standard of elegance and superior quality. Even so, humility and dedication to our customers are the fundamental values on which our company is based, and the direction to always follow in this new path of expansion towards the luxury housing solutions industry.

CASITA is the new challenge that Meya has recently decided to start facing, a new journey in which to fascinate new customers with the same luxury pieces that today decorate some of the most prestigious homes on the planet. After many requests from our customers, we expanded our activity to design these innovative tiny houses, which are now part of our regular portfolio.

Your perfect solution

Within a few meters, great ideas. The mini-house movement began in the 1990s in Japan, known as kyosho jutaku, translated as micro-homes. A few years later, it was established in the United States, and the tiny houses are arriving in Europe as a new way of life. More economical, mostly transportable, with less ecological impact and easy maintenance, the mini houses stand as a vital philosophy with the seal and right know-how of exquisite quality that you will only find in CASITA.

Our proposal is clear and answers a simple question, what do we ask from our house? In your case, we are sure that you are looking for efficiency, affordability while maintaining unparalleled elegance.

The quality of the materials and facilities of our homes is not in dispute. We can’t compromise our commitment to excellence. Our quality options and the personalization of our homes are the hallmarks of CASITA.

Our customers must be and are protagonists. For us, luxury is a daily occurrence, and all our homes are luxury pre-fabricated houses. Because we strive for excellence from the first contact, through the careful delivery of keys and housing, to the day-to-day life of our customers living in their homes.

Do you want to check it out? We invite you to discover the most luxurious modular housing solutions on the market and enjoy the breathtaking elegance of the marble we work with.

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